What can I expect when working at XY?

Lots of solving problems, team work, collaboration and sharing of ideas. Every day is different, you will learn a lot in a small space of time and be rewarded for hard work.

What is the culture at XY?

Very collaborative, we encourage problem solving and generating creative ideas to foster better performance. Further details can be found here.

Why is XY in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong is a global financial centre, with the biggest Asian stock markets at our feet it is the hub of trading in this region. Hong Kong is also a great place to live with a vibrant local culture and is well located for easy travel to see the rest of Asia, with most destinations less than 4 hours away.

Are you a trading company or technology company?

Both! We are tech-focused in our attitude to trading and maintain a strong ratio of people on the technology side.

What is proprietary trading?

Proprietary trading refers to trading with the firm's own capital.

Is XY a hedge fund?

No, we are not a hedge fund and have no external capital.

Does XY offer internships?

Yes, we currently have a 10-week Summer/Fall/Spring Quant/Developer Internship based in our Hong Kong office.  Further details can be found here.

Can I apply if I am not currently living in Hong Kong?

Many of our employees are from diverse backgrounds and we are proud of our diversity. We encourage applications from outside Hong Kong and will apply for a working visa if necessary for successful applicants.